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(Lolita) 1st jsk

Nov. 27th, 2012 | 01:03 am
mood: super happy

weeee I'm so happy today ^ ^

my 1st jsk arrived today 
(given by my friend allexyahshui- sankyuuuu dear >3<)
It's the Secret cake factory from the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright.


I really love it :D at first I thought the jsk would be not that much, but seeing it live is 10x cuter. I mean, the drawings are just adorable *o*


Just look at the little star poping out of this... I dunno what this is... xD a fairy?


The Btssb simbol in a fork (I loved this detail) The cakes are ready to eat xD


cake castle <3 


All of this goes extremely well with some of my acessories (all handmade) :D


Now for the pics of me wearing it <3



happy happy joy joy


sankyu one more time *w*


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1st entry

Nov. 25th, 2012 | 03:48 pm
mood: unsure

hmm livejournal... lets see how this works.
I really dunno what to post :/ 

I'm just tired of not having anything to do. I want to do stuff, create art... but I'm just an ordinary girl all the way :P

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